Fund Management

Fund Management

Staying Ahead Through Proactive Cultural Change

How Upskilling Efforts Foster Risk Management Culture, Drive Operational Efficiency

A large fund management organization has launched a strategic plan to achieve its business goal. One of the key focus areas is a transformation initiative to drive business operational efficiency through cultural change, by introducing an Analytical mindset & risk management among its employees.

Business Challenges

The organization has identified multiple business units to be involved in this initiative through upskilling, with the hope that the selected talents would have more skills in performing their tasks and be the change agent in promoting data-driven culture. But lack of visibility on existing Data Literacy skills and access to the career ladder progression framework may result in overspending and inefficiency.

The Solution

  1. We conducted a talent assessment to identify the skills gap and Data Literacy skills required to achieve the goal. This is done through – an AI-powered talent management tool
  2. Introduced talent development structure with Data Literacy skills framework and learning path to close skill gap, that will provide impact on cultural change

The Result

  1. 78 selected employees who completed the program with exceptional results can now analyze business insights from Data and make an impact through strategic decision-making.
  2. Their journey continues as ambassadors to drive the intended cultural change. The overall program is currently still ongoing.

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