Myths in AI

Myths in AI

Photo by Andy Kelly / Unsplash

Myth: AI and automation replace your people altogether.

Truth: AI and automation augment human capabilities by making them do their job faster, cheaper and better.

But here's a caveat...

If you do not know how to collect and manipulate data, make sense of it for someone else to understand and take actions, and automate your workflows; you will end up as a myth!

Think McDonald's touchscreen kiosks replacing cashiers. It won't just be cashiers that are being replaced, but also all roles across functions are at risk - HR, finance, marketing, design.

Any repetitive tasks that can be automated will be automated.

If your job responsibilities involve executing repetitive tasks, it's time to upskill yourself in skills that will help you augment your tasks.

Don't get automated by machine and become irrelevant.

Augment your work by learning how to manipulate data, make sense into actionable insights and automate your workflow - stay relevant in the 21st century.

Sharala Axryd

Sharala Axryd