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Rigging Data Inside Oil & Gas

How Higher Employee Engagement Index Turned CoE into a Global Hub

To stay relevant, adopting new technology and hiring, retraining, and keeping a workforce capable of dealing with the latest tech developments were identified as high priorities. In addition, there was a real risk of relocating business operations to somewhere else where it would be cheaper and easier to get the necessary talent. Suddenly, the Center of Excellence for Analytics was able to transform itself and became a crucial part of the business that couldn’t get shut down and sacrificed at the altar of achieving a ‘quick fix’.

Business Challenges

Malaysia’s first oil and gas company was established in 1909. The company since has brought a lot of foreign investments, subsequently providing better living conditions to Malaysians. However, in this modern era, the company has long been defined by hosting the traditional business legacy systems.

With legacy systems also came matching mindsets within the workforce. This means that the workforce was resistant to change and prone to giving excuses.

The Solution

  1. We embark on Data Driven Organization (DDO) Journey to drive enterprise-wide clarity and alignment to identify gaps and interventions required and develop strategic initiatives to identify the right talent to be upskilled and become an ambassador for cultural change.
  2. Augments the human capital with data, analytics, and AI capabilities with a skills framework and Data Literacy upskilling program to sustain digital transformation through CADS.ai, an AI-powered workforce management tool.

The Result

  1. The strategic digital initiatives have significantly increased the organization’s leadership confidence towards becoming a Data-Driven Organization and the center of excellence.
  2. With the newly acquired skills, employees are now capable to identify priority business cases that could be accessed and addressed by analytics and could present their findings more captivatingly.
  3. The DDO Framework has also enhanced the workforce's data literacy skills, with more than 40% of the organization’s employees have gone through upskilling programs.

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