Become an Associate Enterprise Data Analyst

AB Testing

This introductory course will teach you how to set up successful A/B tests, analyze their results and build an effective experimentation roadmap, in order to deliver long-term digital success. Best suited for

Data Storytelling

Business leaders in the age of AI need to persuade and influence strong insights using big data analytics. Improve your data presentation with data storytelling by creating stories that highlight value from data-driven

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics allows business professionals to collect sample data, engage in exploratory data analysis, compare statistical distributions, and to communicate statistical results both correctly and effectively. Best suited for analysts and business professionals

SQL Essentials

SQL Essentials helps you speak in Structured Query Language (SQL) fluently and allows you to participate in database application development teams. Best suited for business users dealing with a large volume of data

Python for Analytics

CADS Python for Analytics Fundamentals module will enable students to get started with Python programming by learning and getting hands-on with the basic concepts. This is essential for becoming a productive data professional.