Data Star

Want to make a real impact in today's data-driven world? Our Data Star Accelerator will equip you with the skills you need to succeed. Earn above RM3,000 upon completion of the Data Star Accelerator. You will get to be trained as a data scientist and stand the opportunity to work in top organizations such as PETRONAS, Axiata, MoneyLion, and more!

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CADS Talent Accelerator is the perfect solution for organizations looking to fast-track their digital transformation. With a pool of high-potential young talents equipped with the latest data, analytics and A.I. skills, CADS Talent Accelerator can help you build the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Hire a Data Star

Hire a Data Star: Top Talents in Data Analytics and AI. 754 Data Stars have graduated from the program and gone on to be highly sought-after by leading organizations.

Data Star

CADS Data Star is an accelerator program that provides graduates with the skills they need to pursue a career in data science. The program includes a 1-2 month intensive training period with experienced data scientists, followed by a 12-month placement.