Enterprise Data Practitioner

Data Visualization for Business Intelligence

Leaders and management can make better decisions with practical illustrations and visualization of business data. Equip yourself with a proven framework for developing impactful slide decks that engage stakeholders and secure buy-in. Best

Data Storytelling

Business leaders in the age of AI need to persuade and influence strong insights using big data analytics. Improve your data presentation with data storytelling by creating stories that highlight value from data-driven

Excel Analytics

Excel for Data Analytics introduces participants with little-to-no statistical or software expertise to basic statistical and visualisation tools using the intuitive and popular features in Microsoft Excel, such as Functions, Charts and PivotTables.

Data Story-Listening

Online Workshop for Senior Leaders & Board Members. Shorter Meetings: Better Decisions. Turn a 4-hour board meeting into a 30-minute one. Duration: 4 hours Data Story-Listening is a quick workshop on effectively listening to