Learning path

Data is power. This new era will require an evolution in how we think about and work with data. Data literacy is the key to making AI work for us. The right data literacy skills can help you unlock hidden value in your data, transforming it into something useful and impactful for your business. It allows humans and machines alike to interact smarter with one another! Learn how to turn data into action with machines. Start picking up data literacy skills to augment and automate work.

Data Science Development Tools

Identify the tools catering to different stages of the data science lifecycle. Master and learn about what each tool is used for, what programming languages they can execute, their features and limitations. Best

NLP Advanced

Master the advanced algorithms for unstructured data processing. Solve complex problems with advanced Natural Language Processing techniques and methodologies. Best suited for system developers who want to advance their understanding and applications of

Deep Learning

Master the highest form of machine intelligence developed by humans so far. Learn how to get machines to solve complex problems without being explicitly programmed to do so. Best suited for system developers