Use a DDO framework for digital transformation.

Business Guides Mar 14, 2023

Unlock the Power of Data In Your Company Now.

Data-driven organizations are the future, and you don't want to be left behind. But where do you start? How do you know if you're on the right track?

CADS AI offers a solution with a Data-Driven Organization (DDO) framework. The framework is based on extensive global research and encapsulates a set of practices that mature, leading-edge data-driven organizations follow.

These practices are classified into six dimensions, which includes analytics, data, strategy, organization, technology, and talent.
With the CADS AI DDO assessment, you can get powerful insights into your organization's current overall state, levels of knowledge, technology readiness, employee capabilities and total preparation alignment, among other key metrics.

The framework enables multi person assessment, generates a dashboard and a downloadable report that shows the current levels & scores of the analytics metrics and talent dimensions, including detailed reporting of the practices for each dimension. Typically, scores lower than 4 would highlight areas where action is required for the organization to adopt the respective practices.

But that's not all. Regardless of the maturity status of your organization, you can get a customized implementation plan for 6 months, 12 months, and up to 24 months action points (useful to adjust actions for your digital transformation goals). These implementation plans can be further adjusted to reflect your organization's business objectives and goals.

The DDO assessment also helps you ascertain your organization's future vision with regards to the adoption of these practices. As DDOs are forward-looking, it is imperative to look for future gaps from the DDO report. This will hint that the future vision for these practices may not be fully communicated across the organization.

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Additionally, the DDO report generates insights if there are gaps in the as-is and future vision of DDO dimension and practices, which can help you identify misalignments in the adoption understanding between C-level and the rest of the organization.

Research has shown that it is imperative that misalignments be addressed immediately as the organization progresses in its journey or risk failure.

Key dimensions that enables digitalization.

The benefits of each dimension of the DDO framework are numerous. The Analytics components provide practices for acquiring data analytics tools and methods. The Data components provide practices for the optimal use of data assets. The Organization components are practices for data-driven culture change & competency development. The Strategy components are practices for defining and executing a DA & AI strategy. Finally, the Talent components are practices for managing data leadership and technical talent.

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