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Seizing State’s Water-Efficiency Opportunity

How Talent And Data Intervention Saved Cost For A Large Legacy Organization

A state-owned water utility organization with 1,300 workforces managing over 80 projects on various state-wide locations is in need to optimize its operations. A large workforce or remote locations shouldn't be a challenge to drive its efficiency.

Business Challenges

  1. Difficulty in getting real-time input from various project sites in the state has affected leadership reports to multiple stakeholders.
  2. The traditional process requires 1-2 weeks to process data and reports manually from project sites, with no real-time input and the risk of having incorrect data and inaccurate projections for the final report to the management.
  3. The unavailability of real-time data for quick decision-making has also resulted in low predictability, inefficient maintenance, and mitigation intervention.

The Solution

  1. We embark on Data Driven Organization (DDO) Journey to drive enterprise-wide clarity and alignment to identify critical pain points to be prioritized & addressed.
  2. Embed data-driven culture within the organization and introduced continuous Data Literacy upskilling programs to close the skill gap among the workforce. We upskilled over 330 employees to be data professionals, and this helps improves data lifecycle management & governance.
  3. Implemented 10 project management dashboards and 10 incubator dashboards analyzing strategic issues with real-time reporting capabilities from various remote locations.

The Result

  1. The implementation of a real-time reporting dashboard has increased work productivity by 30%.
  2. The 330 upskilled workforce can now dissect critical real-time data, resulting in efficiency in presenting real-time reporting to its stakeholders.
  3. Human Capital value has gone up by moving people from task-driven to tactical-driven.

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