20 Top Business Leaders Quotes On Talent Management

Aug 13, 2021

When it comes to organizations, one of the main focuses is the talent within a workforce, especially since employees are the foundation of an organization. The importance of talent drives the company to advance in business and the adoption of AI-powered technologies to develop productive, agile workforce management.

Meaningful quotes from business leaders will motivate and inspire you to innovate and improve yourself in many aspects.

Scroll further, and you will find quotes on the importance of talent and the workforce from business leaders that have created or helped a successful company.

“”— Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Inc.

As we face a constantly changing world, it is crucial for companies and organizations to create new innovative solutions to overcome problems in the future. This famous quote by Steve Jobs has taught people that possess innovation and who are determined to look for creative solutions are the ones who would lead. Without it, many successful outcomes might have been overlooked.


Chesky points out that building a team full of different talents could be the reason for the difference between your team and your competition.

Source: Managing Technical Talent

Benioff draws attention to finding the right people with the right talents is worth the time and energy to put in because not everyone will be suited or have the talent to do a particular task.

Source: Why outsourcing your recruitment is a bad idea

Similar to Benioff’s quote, Jung emphasizes the importance of finding and hiring the right people. Although creating a vision and strategy is essential, having the mind to innovate and be resourceful is highly valued for business growth.

Source: Talent is the No. 1 priority for a CEO

“”— Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald's

Your greatest asset is your employees. Hiring the right people with sought-after talent will be the ones who directly contribute to your success. If you seek an upgrade in your business and employees, enhancing your qualities and talent would be a good start.

Many, if not all, organizations are continuously trying to find high performing individuals and develop people’s talents and skills to become leaders of their own. And why is this so? Because organizations rely on people.

Source: You Bet On People, Not On Strategies

Bossidy insists that the path of finding and getting talented people would be beneficial; others may think that it will be time-consuming or ineffective, but they may not see the prosperity in doing so.


Weiner suggested that one concern is the difference between the talent and skills businesses look for in a person and what companies offer. Obtaining the right people, investment in training and staff retention can help overcome this issue in the future workforce.

Source: Coaching: The Key to Aligning Project Success & Reporting

“”— Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Although tradition promotes work culture and develops team-building, innovating is what initiates bringing ideas together, hence the growth of a distributive and collaborative workforce.

Herrin proposed that the selection of your employees is the key to success. The team does not mean grouping people with the same talents, sometimes having a variety of talents can be useful and advantageous.

Source: How to Create the Right Culture for Your Startup

Mayer’s quote underlines the value of creating an environment where talented people can express and formulate their innovation. Remember, the most important asset in a company is its people.


Welch’s portrays the priority of both talent and finance management as equal for they help represent and shape the organizations’ future.

Source: 4 steps to a successful talent management strategy

“”— Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

Nooyi indicates an organization's success is determined by the investment in its employees, as investing in their talents will provide an opportunity and support for people to develop their competencies and skills.

Welch emphasizes the talent of his employees by regulating and improving corporate culture. If you aim for growth within the workforce, you need the ability to employ the right people.

Source: Worried Your Best Employees Will Leave? Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Branson quotes that dreams should be larger than what you believe your capacity is to attain it. It pushes you to accomplish more in your workplace. It causes your employees to use their talent with everyone else’s to create a vision that can be achievable.

Source: Richard Branson: ”If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.”

Talents and skills will always be in employers’ minds; that is what they need and want for the workforce to be successful.

Source: The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training

“”— Jack Ma, Co-founder, Alibaba Group

Sometimes hiring a person who seems advantageous to have in a company may not be the best fit than those with the right talent.

As Jessica Herrin has said, a company’s culture is formed by your employees, and your employees’ talents are the start of innovation.

Source: Creating a Phenomenal Startup Culture

Kropp identifies the key to creating an effective and productive business for the future; he implies that the changing world would affect how employees use their talents, such as visualizing product innovations and process innovations. Businesses can thrive by leaders understanding and supporting the workforce.

Source: What Will Future Workplaces Look Like After 2020?


Axryd highlights that finding people with the right talents will not be easy; however, that should not stop you from creating the best team for your business.

Source: Industry Insider: Data professionals are unicorns – so where do we find them?

“”— Sharala Axryd, CEO and Founder, CADS

This quote reinforces the struggles of getting the set of talented people in need. One way to overcome this problem is to inspire, teach, and evolve those who have the passion and the drive to develop new talents or skills.

To conclude, talent is more than just having a skill; it is the essential ability to perform well in what is best suited for you and guide businesses into a great future.

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