Building tomorrow’s data literate experts

May 10, 2022

CADS is grooming the data literate experts of tomorrow by equipping today’s talent with the right skillsets, mindsets, and headsets.

As an employee or future employee of today’s uncertain business environment, the only thing that can secure your career is being at the top of your game. And this means you need to find a way to groom yourself into a data-literate business leader.

The importance of being data literate cannot be emphasized enough. Adopting a data-driven culture, developing data literacy at a leadership level, and incorporating organizational systems and structures with proper data architecture can build resilience and help get individuals future-ready, and organizations to become future-proof in today’s fast-changing digital world.

But how do you get there as an individual? You want to be a C-suite leader someday or simply want to be a top expert in your organization, field even. To achieve any of these goals, you need to become data literate enough to successfully align with your organization’s data strategy.

The right combination of attitude and skills.

Becoming data literate requires the right combination of attitude and skills. To become coveted data talent, you need to have the right skillset (data, analytics, and artificial intelligence skills), mindset (smart skills that include thinking out of the box in different situations), and heart set (emotional patterns and feelings that arise in different situations).

At The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), we prioritize teaching the above in our Data Star graduate program, which is not limited to teaching “hard skills” such as data science, analytics, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). We also have a Nurture Development Program to ensure our graduates are work-ready, with the mindset and heartset that are essential for helping them do their best at work.

To date, CADS has produced over 800 graduates from our Data Star program, many of whom have already been hired by various leading organizations. The program provides intensive data science enablement training and mentorship with experienced data scientists.

Reflecting on his Data Star experience, Mohamad Haziq bin Mohamad Roslan, a data analyst and Data Star alumni member, said: “Thinking about the whole Data Star experience, I feel that I have been given a torch in a dark alley when it comes to the world of data science and analytics. Coming from a background that was much more reliant on soft skills and less the technical aspect of things, Data Star has given me the exposure necessary to take steps to upskill myself.”

Another Data Star graduate who has gone on to become a junior data scientist is Janice Khor Ean Yee. “By combining Python programming skills and machine learning knowledge obtained from Data Star with the knowledge I got from my Masters, I am now able to do Computer Vision in Deep Learning in my current industry.

“I am currently building an object detection model in GRID. We had to go through technical assessments, two coding assessments, and two video interviews for this internship. The tests basically involved building deep learning models to predict when the Sakura flowers in Japan actually bloom.”

Muhammad Faiz Ashraf Bin Ismail, also an alumni member and a data analyst, was happy to learn technologies such as R, Python, and Tableau. “The Data Star courses give so much impact and have made us more marketable, and this is also good for our career development as data scientists are in high demand nowadays.”

CADS has currently over 200 Data Star graduates ready to be hired by organizations that are embarking on their data and digital transformation journeys. Our graduates comprise talents who are business analysts, data analysts, junior data scientists, and data engineers, all of who are fully equipped with the current skills needed to survive and thrive in this digital age.

Furthermore, CADS is supported by Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera in grooming future-ready data and AI professionals to compete in the digital era and build the nation’s talent pool. This collaboration involves large-scale talent identification, screening, and competency development, right up to the job placement stage.

Advantages of hiring organization

Organizations hiring Data Star candidates get to enjoy the Double Tax Deductions under the PROTÉGÉ-Ready To Work Programme (Training Programme) approved by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC).

Future-proofing your career

In summary, future-proofing your career by becoming more data literate is the way forward for every citizen of the digital age. Sooner is better than later to propel you onto the path towards your goals and dreams and you can achieve them by equipping yourself with the right data skills and knowledge.

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available for young graduates interested in developing data literacy skills.

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