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Is your workforce data literate?

Article May 9, 2022

HR folks: is your workforce data literate?

It's not about hiring data scientists and make some magic with data.

It's about making your talents, regardless of professions, to be able to understand, analyze, work, and communicate with data.

It's about nurturing data literate talents.

Think about various professions that will 10x their productivity and impact by learning data literacy skills.

Data literate accountant > data illiterate accountant

Your modern day accountant capable of synthesizing data from various sources to show relevant insights to different stakeholders - not just number dumping. Data illiterate accountants can't do this.

Data literate designer > data illiterate designer

The new breed of data literate designers capable of designing data visualizations that provide you with mesmerizing insights within one glance. Most designers can't do this.

Data literate marketer > data illiterate marketer

Not your average digital marketer. This is your data literate marketer with the abilities to pull and integrate data from sources, develop marketing automations, and storytell the insights.

Data literate (insert profession)

If you are not considering data literacy as part of workforce planning, you are not maximizing the workforce potential.

The best time to take action was yesterday. The second best time is now.