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Competing in the Age of AI with Prof. R. Lakhani.

Webinars Oct 8, 2021

Data analytics and artificial intelligence are redefining how companies can create, capture, share, and deliver value.

We spoke to Professor Karim R. Lakhani (Professor of Business Administration and the Dorothy and Michael Hintze Fellow at the Harvard Business School) about his latest book “Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World“.

In the interview session, we spoke about:

  • Will China be the AI Superpower?
  • How ready are we in facing Industry Revolution 4.0?
  • What are the most critical changes we must make to face our future effectively?

The book provides insights and outlines the strategies business leaders can take to compete in the age of AI.

The book debunked the myth of artificial intelligence and allows readers to understand how artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of business and the nature of companies.

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