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Creating a Future-Ready Data Driven Organization

Webinars Feb 28, 2022

Decision-making is a key trait for any successful leader and organization. Successful Data-driven organizations are empowered by strategic data-driven decision-making. Discover how business leaders can tap into data insights to foster better decision-making to scale and expand in a shorter time than ever.

The role of senior executives has expanded dramatically in recent years, both in scope and complexity. Today's senior management executives lead organizations that operate in an ever-changing business world.

They no longer head simple pyramids but intricately networks of overlapping jurisdictions with unpredictable business climates that are often more turbulent than ever before.

With an ever-changing corporate landscape nowadays, digital skills and data literacy are not exclusive only to the executive frontline, more and more organizations are looking for well-versed personnel to lead the company moving forward. There is a major shift occurring from a role-based workforce towards one that values dynamically-skilled talent.

What can you do to stay relevant on this wave?

We organized a business roundtable with CXOs leading the innovation agenda in February 2022 discussing key topics relevant to the current trends.

Experienced veterans in digital change together with our delegates get together in a discussion of the way forward to drive successful digital transformation.

Topics covered include

Unlocking The Value of Being Data Driven Through Talent Professionalization

Shalini Pavithran, CEO, The Malaysian Insurance Institute and The ASEAN Insurance Training & Research Institute

Journey towards becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Rachel Ooi, Chief Growth Officer, dentsu CXM / Merkle APAC

Spark Innovation with Data

Pacha Krishnan, ASEAN Chief Commercial Officer, The Center of Applied Data Science

Achieve Tangible Growth with CADS AI Skills Intelligence(TM) Platform

Lim Jo Weng, Chief Product Officer, The Center of Applied Data Science

If you are keen to find out how top organization such Dentsu manages transformation for their global clientele, and how Carsome take advantages of data to achieve their unicorn startup status, don't miss the webinar!



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