Data Skills Learning Tracks

Ready to get ahead in your career? CADS offers data literacy learning paths and certification programs to help you stand out.

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Get Ahead In Your Career with CADS data literacy learning path and certification programs.

Whether you’re just starting with Analytics using MS Excel, an experienced Data Scientist or a specialist working with Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have the professional development program catered to you.

Executive Business Education (EBE)

Turn threats into opportunities with data-driven strategies to encounter digital disruption, technology innovation, and unexpected competition.

Enterprise Data Practitioner (EDP)

Enterprise Data Practitioner is an 8-day certification program that super-charges Business Intelligence analysts with new skills to analyze and communicate insights effectively.

Associate Enterprise Data Analyst (AEDA)

Associate Enterprise Data Analyst is a 17-day certification program that provides analysts with the skill sets and tools required for efficient data analysis using Python.

Enterprise Data Analyst (EDA)

Enterprise Data Analyst is a 10-day, fast-paced, and intensive introduction to the interdisciplinary field of data analytics, which includes database management, a statistical methodology for multiple dataset manipulation, hypothesis testing, forecasting, modelling and more.

Enterprise Data Scientist (EDS)

Enterprise Data Scientist is a 23-26 days certification program that super-charges Business Data Scientist to apply appropriate analytical methodologies to turn analyses into business value for any organization in the world.

Enterprise Data Engineer (EDE)

Enterprise Data Engineer is a 13-15 days certification program that super-charges Data Engineers with essential technical skills to master the fundamentals to execute any Data Science and AI systems and applications.