Data Science Development Tools

Article May 19, 2022

Master and learn about what each tool is used for, what programming languages they can execute, their features and limitations.

Analysts, engineers, developers, business intelligence professionals who want to implement data science projects from the ground up.

A great head-start for data science, analytics and AI projects

An overview and framework for beginners to kick-start data science and analytics projects from scratch.


A-Z of data science project implementations.

What are the best tools for performing data science tasks? And which tool should you pick up for different use cases and stages of development?

Data Science Development Tools provides an introduction to setting up a data science development environment. It gives an overview of the most common tools and software used by data scientists.


Build models and solutions to solve business problems.

You will learn how to create and execute programs on computers, including package management,­ version control of code, and how to use the command line to run scripts of codes.

This course also includes an introduction to cloud-based solutions for data science. Graduates of this course will be able to implement models and solutions to data science problems independently.


Know which tool works best for your business cases.

Ability in identifying and defining the pros and cons of a vast spectrum of data science tools will definitely give your data science career a massive boost!

Best suited for analysts, data scientists, and business professionals who are seeking better ways of managing databases.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Set up a development environment and install required software libraries.
  2. Create both Jupyter notebooks and stand-alone programs.
  3. Use shell scripts to execute programs and create processing pipelines.

Learning Path

Data Science Development Tools is one of the modules under the CADS Enterprise Data Engineer (EDE) Programme. EDE is a 13-15 days training program that super-charges Data Engineers with essential technical skills to master the fundamentals to execute any Data Science and AI systems and applications.

CADS Certification

Each exam in this program certifies job-ready knowledge and skill. Those that pass all are recognized as being able to distil insight from data and communicate its value to a decision-maker. Enter the world of Data Professionals.



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