Data Story-Listening And Data Storytelling: 2 Skills You’ll Need For Effective Decision-Making

Article May 18, 2022

People hear statistics, but they feel stories

In a world where organizations are overwhelmed by data but desperate for meaning, Data Storytelling helps connect the dots. Still, it takes alert leaders to listen to the data and derive valuable meaning from it.

While Data Storytelling is a core skill for Leaders, Data Story-Listening is no less so.

Fast forward to today, and this has become a business imperative. Listening to the stories that data tells unlocks the true potential of insights and moves leaders to action.

Substantiate Your Business with Data Evidence

Wrong data sets or inaccurate information acquired in business processes may impact the organization, resulting in the following:

  1. Exposure to risk and inefficiencies that impacts profitability
  2. Poor decision making, strategies and goal setting
  3. A decline in revenue and sales opportunities caused by misleading insights
  4. Missed opportunities to a competitor with better data analytics capabilities
  5. Reputational damage to the company

Don’t let poor data analysis compromise your business intelligence.

Business data have many vanity metrics that are not necessarily meaningful to your organization. Business leaders have to know how to navigate the data presented in reports and find the most important message from the data bank you have.

With Data Story-Listening, you will be able to recognize and steer away from the noise and focus on the critical actionable insights.

Engage in CADS’ Data Storytelling program to learn how to create humanized, compelling narratives with your business data and CADS’ Data Story-Listening program to facilitate the quick absorption of data stories while saving valuable time and not losing the impact of the insights.

Visionary Data Story-Tellers and Perceptive Data Story-Listeners Are Highly Sought-After

Without Visionary Data Story-Tellers, the information that can be used to increase sales, drive engagement, improve processes and satisfy customers are not accessible to impact business strategies.

Without Perceptive Data Story-Listeners, information that is portrayed would be missed and result in miscommunications, errors and lost productivity.

The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS) is now offering a brand-new and unique approach to Data Story-Listening for leaders who need to absorb data stories while saving valuable time and not losing the impact of the insights.

Data Story-Listening involves taking an immersive commitment to understand the data stories presented and how these narratives can play a productive role in the discovery of trends and signals of change, insight formation, sense-making, decision making and change processes that are essential to managing complex transformation processes.

Board members and Executive C-Suite members who make this artful practise a foundation of market leadership will be able to provide direction towards a better and more sustainable future for their organizations.

Leaders that can cut through the noise will emerge more well-informed and armed with the insights to make confident data-driven decisions for competitive gains.

Join CADS Data Story-Listening session to sharpen your data listening skills and make a better data-driven decision.

This program is exclusively set up for the board of directors and senior leaders to facilitate quicker and more meaningful meetings to save time and increase productivity.

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