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How to future-proof your career as a highly paid data-literate professional?

May 10, 2022

For young workers, new grads, and graduating students in Malaysia.

If you have been applying for hundreds of jobs, but still couldn't land a job, this is for you.

If you were acing it at school, but have yet to figure out what to do for work, this is for you.

If you returned to Malaysia after graduating overseas because you couldn't secure a job, this is for you.

If you have a job, but feel miserable from doing measly jobs as a lowly executive, this is for you.

If you feel lost and stressed from the pressure of succeeding, this is for you!

You dream of becoming one of the superstars at work doing what you love.

You have a strong ambition to fulfil your talents.

You want to work in tech, but can't seem to find a foothold and a direction to work towards.

You just want to be guided and someone to give you an opportunity to prove yourself!

Here's the truth about getting your first job (which is the hardest) or making an early career transition in a new field.

You're not getting your big break, not because you are not smart, lack connections, or acing the scores.

It's because you are NOT data literate.

Data literacy is the ability to read, analyze, communicate, and work with data.

Thanks to COVID, companies, big and small, have gone digital. With that in mind, employers are looking for talents who are skilled in data literacy to harness the vast amount of data to run their companies.

You could be majoring in accountancy or marketing, but you're going to get your jobs stolen by data literate accountants or data-driven marketers.

Let that sink in for a moment...

How does a digital journey look like for a Fortune 500 company?

Hear from Datin Habsah Nordin, Head of Enterprise Data, PETRONAS as she shares her experience in our #DataLiteracyMonth webinar series: Demand & Growth of Data Professionals.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here:

Companies are AGGRESSIVELY hiring data literate talents.

They are going to say yes to you if you know how to use data in your field.

We know this for a fact because we have been upskilling 633 students in data literacy skills and getting them jobs at over 50 companies for the past 5 years as junior data scientists, data analysts, business analysts and data engineers with an average starting salary of RM3,000.

Maybank, Petronas, and Axiata are a few companies that are hiring from our Data Star Accelerator.

This could be you next!

CADS Data Star is a fully sponsored accelerator program for graduates with Bachelor's, Master or Ph.D.

The program includes 1 to 2 months of in-class intensive Data Science enablement training & mentorship with experienced Data Scientists and 12 months of industry placement with our Industry Partners.

Here are the steps you will experience in Data Star Accelerator.

Step 1: Apply for Data Star Accelerator. Visit

Step 2: Learn new data literacy skills to become either a junior data scientist, data analyst, business analyst or data engineer.

Step 3: Get matched with companies in a hiring frenzy.

Step 4: Attend interviews (Don't even think of ghosting them!)

Step 5: Start your journey as a data literate professional in your field.

The time is now to future-proof your career.

If you are ready to get started, take your first step and apply.

Keen to find out more? Reach out to CADS by sending us an email, or chatting with us.



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