Learn Relational Database Design on CADS.AI

May 19, 2022

Advanced database management systems and methodologies give you the capability to design and develop real-world database applications in advanced SQL skills.

Best suited for anyone who works with databases and would like to design an efficient and normalized relational database schema, create indexes, implement views and more.

2 days

Ensure data integrity within database applications.

Learn the basics of SQL (the Structured Query Language) to write code using a database as a backend to store application data reliably and safely.


Store and query structured data.

Database systems such as PostgreSQL and MySQL have been part of the web developer's toolkit for many years, and remain some of the most powerful tools available for storing and manipulating structured data.

Effective database designs will help make systems faster, improve data quality, and ensure future changes are easier.


Database design with SQL.

Relational Database Design covers the design of databases and an advanced level of SQL..

Throughout the module, attendees will have learned the intensive database design and how to define the database structure, advanced SQL syntax, and Data Definition Language (DDL) in SQL.


Build a functional database.

This intensive module provides sufficient knowledge and skill for the implementation of database applications.

Best suited for IT associates and business professionals who want to create, update and manage their own fully functional relational database.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Understand and familiar with Database Design and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
  2. Familiar with database normalization concept.
  3. Ability to write advanced SQL statements.

Learning Path

Relational Database Design is one of the modules under the CADS Enterprise Data Scientist (EDS) Programme. EDS is a 23-26 days training program that super-charges Business Data Scientists with new skills to analyze and communicate insights effectively.

CADS Certification

Each exam in this program certifies job-ready knowledge and skill. Those that pass all are recognized as being able to distil insight from data and communicate its value to a decision-maker. Enter the world of Data Professionals.


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