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Navigating the Post-Pandemic V-Shaped Recovery

Webinars Oct 28, 2021

he MDEC AI & Data Week is part of our collaborative effort for the Project 2100 mission to futureproof youths and the workforce in ASEAN to become data literate.

Join us for our exclusive Data-Driven Organization Summit, themed Navigating the Post-Pandemic V-shaped Recovery: Evolving Business with Data-Driven Leadership, to discover better ways to make data, technology, and AI work for your business.

The one-hour session will surely inspire you to take better action with data-driven insights to rebuild and recover your business post-pandemic!

Your Key Takeaways:

1) Evolve your business with data-driven leadership
2) Unmasking your company's hidden potential
3) Overhaul your data presentation for better understanding and decision-making

Your Learning Outcomes:
1) Covid-10 and how it has increased the need for data literacy
2) Finding unique roadmaps for Data Driven Organization to suit your business needs
3) Identifying which 32 data-related skills professionals need for sucess
4) Uncover how data champions unlock business potential with data-driven insights.
5) How do individuals future-proof their skills for career advancement? Identify 32 key data literacy skills that matter.
6) How can business decision-makers use our Data-Driven model to propel business forward?
7) Creating WOW factors with data visualization.
8) Avoiding the traps of bad data-storytelling.
9) Unlock hidden talents with data wrangling and business analytics skills.

The summit features two of our c-suite leaders: Chief Enterprise Product Officer Lim Jo Weng and Chief Platform Officer Zachary Johnson, MBA. They will not only speak on the importance of Acceltic and Rubiqe, CADS’ newly-launched AI platforms for leveraging your business or futureproofing your skills, but also share case studies on business challenges that were improved through data transformation.

Session 1: Unmasking Your Company's Hidden Potential
Fostering Unrealized Data Leaders and Talents from Within

CEPO Lim illustrates how data champions can unlock business potential with data-driven insights. As talent analytics is a must-have tool for digital transformation success, businesses using our roadmaps for Data-Driven Organizations™ can tailor our platform to suit unique needs. The session’s case study will take a deep dive into workplace sustainability and growth.

Session 2: Data Makeover with CADS
Overhaul your Data Presentations from 😫 to 🤩

CPO Johnson walks through the essentials of great data storytelling. Better data storytelling leads to greater communication and comprehension, something every modern professional needs. By avoiding some of the most common errors in data visualization and making simple changes to data storytelling, a data storyteller can come from anywhere! The session’s case study will take real-life examples of bad storytelling and transform them in real-time.



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