Partnering for a more progressive ASEAN community

May 10, 2022

Organizations across the region have banded together to upskill ASEAN youth via Project 2100.

Ever since the advent of Covid-19, the citizens of this world have suffered multiple onslaughts of unemployment, illness, and an overall lack of well-being due to the after-effects of the pandemic. These issues are especially evident in the ASEAN region, which is growing, but still largely underdeveloped in terms of digital skillsets.

At The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), we recognize the challenges the world, as well as ASEAN communities, are facing and we have pledged to do our part by helping ASEAN youth up-skill themselves so they can tap into ASEAN’s fast-growing digital economy. The idea is that ASEAN youths get to adopt and advance their digital skills, particularly data literacy aptitude, through our new initiative titled Project 2100. CADS initiated this program, which currently has the support of five key ASEAN nations (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines).

We also have a growing base of enterprises, government agencies, learning and development providers, fund providers, and universities, who have also pledged their support. All of these organizations are aligned with the same goal: serving the ASEAN community to increase employability and drive economic growth, in line with digital initiatives by ASEAN governments.

The enterprise partners we have onboard various multinational corporations, telecommunication companies, and banks. These organizations are the ones leading innovation in this region: the more data they accumulate, the more value creation they can provide the consumers they serve. A digital-first experience is also what new-generation consumers are looking for and they are also the key consumers of the digital economy. As these organizations look to hire people who can work with the data they have, there is a need to update the skill sets of ASEAN youths, who are potentially the talents these organizations need.

The region is undergoing a transformative change and ASEAN youths must become more employable.

According to Project 2100 partner UpLevel: "Data literacy is an important skill to have in the 21st century. Without data literacy, it would be challenging to be a part of the continuously moving world. However, there's still a huge skill and data literacy gap right now, and there is an increasing need to bridge it. “

When we came across Project 2100, we knew we had to come on board to empower the youths in this region. We are glad that UpLevel can be a part of this amazing project, and we look forward to impacting the region together."

Adopt a growth mindset moving forward

“Skills are fast becoming the new currency in the world of work. This is because jobs, and the skills required for them, are changing at an unprecedented pace. As a result, more organizations in the Asia Pacific have been hiring for skills, instead of relying solely on a candidate’s experience or educational qualifications. Workers, especially our youths in ASEAN, must adopt a growth mindset moving forward, and continuously strengthen their skills. This will help them stay employable and employed, especially for in-demand roles in fast-growing industries.

Against this backdrop, LinkedIn is pleased to partner with CADS to heighten digital literacy amongst youth in Malaysia, through our LinkedIn Learning platform,” says Frank Koo, Head of Asia, Talent and Learning Solutions at LinkedIn.

Being an innovative data-driven company, Project 2100 partner Experian believes in the endless possibilities of how data can transform lives. “We are honoured to collaborate with CADS on this meaningful nation-building initiative. Data can unlock breakthroughs, and we are passionate about powering opportunities for young data talent to be nurtured into relevant future-proof and innovative leaders.

The Malaysian Research and Education Foundation, which has also pledged its support to Project 2100, reiterates its full support for the initiative, adding: “This effort is a timely response to support our community and youth across Malaysia and the region from the rising numbers of unemployment post-Covid 19 pandemic, while simultaneously addressing the needs of re-skilling and up-skilling to ensure the existing workforce remains relevant and resilient."

Our university project partners Universiti Malaya and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia have also expressed enthusiastic commitment to the program. "P2100 is capable of preparing a seamless ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science upskilling programs among local graduates. Thus, UKM supports this initiative since it empowers communication between Universities, Government, and Industries in the new normal. We hope it will be the best strategy to decrease the unemployment rate during the pandemic in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries," says UKM.

Says Universiti Malaysia of their aspirations for Project 2100: “FCSIT UM strives to ensure that our graduates are the most sought-after by having an up-to-date curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experience. Next, we ensure holistic industry involvement, from the beginning of curriculum development to reviewing the existing syllabus, and assessing the program in terms of the achievements of learning outcomes, at the end of the programs. Our students are equipped with survival skills, through various involvements in national and international competitions.

CADS aspires to empower all ASEAN youths

With the support of the public and private sectors, CADS aspires to empower all ASEAN youths, to propel the digital economy forward and reap rich economic rewards for the region. For more information on Project 2100 and how you can pledge your support, visit:

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