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Pro tip for beginners of data analytics.

Article Aug 10, 2022

even if you don’t know much.

First, learn how to see and think about data.

Everything around you is a data point.

Just take a good look at your room.

Your chair has lots of data points.

It’s brown (color)

It’s made of lacquered wood {material)

It’s made in China (the manufacturing country)

It’s put together with dovetail joints and bolts (construction method)

1 person sat on it (you)

It’s paired together with the table 90% of the time (item matching)

The same type of chair can be found in the dining room (other probable location)

It’s just a chair, but it has lots of data points.

Imagine if you start generating data points and mapping the relationships with objects in the room - then multiply it with your friends’ rooms.

You will have insights into many rooms!

Do you know who will want these insights?

Furniture companies, retailers, etc.

You see, you don’t need big data to start.

You don’t need to know how to use Tableau to start.

You don’t need to spend 4 years to get a degree just to make an impact in data and analytics.

You just need to learn how to see and think in data to get started.

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