Talents Not Technology Will Make or Break Your Digital Transformation.

Article May 25, 2022

The importance of a data literate workforce.

Going through digital transformation means operationalizing a new digital business model. One cannot talk about digital transformation without mentioning a data-driven organization.

It is expected that the data-driven organization will generate more than two times as much revenue, double or triple productivity and sustainably outperform competitors. But all of this only works out if one has the right data, and effectively uses it to generate business insights to drive value creation.

As much as it may seem it's about new technology, companies realize they cannot sustain this transformation. Because their talents aren't equipped enough with the skills required to operate in the new future of work. Now, HR roles become increasingly crucial and have an important mandate to drive and sustain transformation through human capital.

It doesn’t matter if your educational background is either in finance, social, legal, or anything. The digitization process has happened even before the pandemic, and the core skills to adapt to this digitized world lie within a person’s data literacy.

Data-driven strategies are key to business success.

A data-driven strategy is crucial in manoeuvring your way around this disruptive era. It allows businesses to explore revenue opportunities, optimise servicing, staying relevant and it also will push a company to keep up with their competition.

By implementing a data-driven strategy, your organization can transform itself into an expert in analytics and decision making by providing business decision-makers with insights they need when it matters most!



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