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Technology will take your job. Take back control of your career now.

Article Aug 10, 2022

+ Touchscreens kiosks replaces McDonald’s cashiers.

+ Instant messaging replaces emails.

+ e-Hailing replaces taxi.

Handwriting < typewriter < keyboard < AI writing software

It’s not that machines will take your job. They're just replacing manual and repetitive & predictable ones.

So, if a person has 5 skills and they are all manual, repetitive, and generate predictable output, all these will be automated.

Today’s jobs will evolve into new skill requirements that are not visible today. There are also many unknown jobs today that will be created tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what jobs they are, these jobs will require you to work with data, and analyze insights.

💰 Sales: You got to learn how to automate the sales process from finding leads to getting them to book a demo without hiring 10 people to do the job of 1 today.

💼 Recruiting: You got to learn how to recruit 10x more than your peers with 1 person without hiring 10 people.

📈 Accounting: You got to learn how to integrate expenses from various departments and people in real-time so you can forecast the trajectory of P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow in real-time.

These are just 3 samples of what the future of work looks like.

All jobs that require you to work with technology fundamentally require you to become data literate. If you don’t have the fundamentals today when industries are evolving, there won’t be many jobs left for you.

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