What Can I Do With A Qualification In Data Analytics? Is It Worth It?

Apr 22, 2021

The current and future world will face a lot of data and analytics due to the growing number of companies that require vast amounts of data to be analyzed and interpreted to derive vital information to produce faster, better decisions. With business analysis and smart algorithms, companies can reduce their expenses, ease the workload, have greater efficiency, and a more profitable business.

Here are some answers to your questions regarding programs in business analytics:

What do I learn in data analytics courses?

You will learn the basics of finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, and how to apply data analytics in businesses from courses on business forecasting, optimization, big data, etc.; these courses will describe the business’ outcomes and how to improve it from the general application of data analytics.

What can I do with a data analytics certification?

Having a certification in data analytics allows you to specialize in using numerical information for decision-making and data visualization that almost any business would seek as data analysts can guide them in making decisions.

Business professionals with data skills are placed in higher-level positions in various industries. After completing a certification in data analytics, graduates would usually find careers in consultation, marketing, strategic planning, business operations, and finance.

What jobs can I do after graduating with knowledge in Data Analytics?

As decision-making in businesses is crucial and in demand for performance management and business operation, data analytics will play an essential role in this, meaning that you will be eligible for many jobs and even high-level positions in just about all industries.

You will have an analytics background, and if you are certain about wanting a job in a data-focused business, you will have an advantage over your competitors. Here is a list of jobs that you can consider being in:

  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Operations analyst
  • Business analytics specialist
  • Management analyst
  • Information-systems analyst

What are the best careers for me to pursue?

The best career choice for someone is dependant on what you enjoy doing and where your interest lies.

Our graduates are currently working in numerous industries, from oil and gas to technology, as well as automotive and manufacturing. All industries are looking for data-skilled talents, opportunities are abundant.

What's the potential for a higher salary?

Although COVID-19 has caused disruptions among many businesses and has left the economy’s future unpredictable, talents with data skills are demanding higher salaries than average.

Which company will hire me?

A future that will have plenty of new technology and data will make almost every company need an employee who is confident in data analysis. Hence the pathway after earning a certification in data analytics or business analytics will broaden your options for working in many different fields.

If you are looking forward to working in big companies such as; Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Google, you are on the right track. They are continually looking for employees who can help analyze, provide insights, quicker and better decision-making processes in their company.

Is a certificate in Data Analytics worth it?

Definitely. If you are interested in being part of the present and future workforce of a tech-driven world, a certification in business analytics would be a great addition to your professional career.


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