Why Smart Skills Are Important to Data Literacy.

Jun 13, 2022

The right combination of skills is important to help you sustain the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Data literacy and smart skills are essential for advancing your career in the coming decades. Smart skills will be the new measure of a leader in tomorrow’s economy. But what are smart skills, and how do you encourage your employees to acquire them?

According to The Glowan Consulting Group, Smart Skills™ are those skills relating to emotional and social intelligence. These skills are a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, personal habits, interpersonal skill sets, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people, customers, stakeholders, and colleagues.

The consulting firm says on its website that "Smart Skills™ complement hard skills, which are the occupational requirements of a job."

Also named soft skills, Smart Skills™ are crucial, as they;

  1. Boost productivity
  2. When you can effectively communicate your intention and goal, you will save time by reducing requests and revisions.
  3. More confidence
  4. On top of having the hard skills themselves, Smart Skills™ inspire accountability among employees and empower them to use data literacy confidently for their work.
  5. Improve customers’ service, hence sales

At the end of the day, your employees need to maintain sales, and customer service plays a huge role in this. You know how soft skills can serve your clients well here.

CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform, designed by The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), helps you to assess the skills gap, followed by recommendations for personalized learning paths based on each of your employees’ Smart SkillsTM profiles and aspirations.

On top of empowering data literacy among your employees, you can also provide them with the soft skills needed to flourish in tomorrow’s working environment.

The Smart Skills Assessment helps organizations find talented data professionals who can be developed and achieve positive business outcomes.

In the digital age, data professionals need more than just technical skills to succeed. Bosses and managers can use Smart SkillsTM profiles that identify talented people with different types of characters for specific jobs; this way they will be able to optimize their roles in projects which yield better outcomes.

For example, it can identify talented candidates with strong analytical capabilities in business analysis or statistics but who need to improve their communication abilities. Business leaders and human resource managers can then design training programs that help them communicate more effectively so the employee will be better suited for success at work!

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