You can't do trading without this type of skill

Article May 9, 2022

There is 1 sector where success is pre-dominantly reliant on the ability to read, analyze and make decisions from data - trading 💱

Whether it's stock, forex or crypto trading, the fundamental skill used is the same data literacy skill I've been tooting all these years.

The traders that made millions can attest to their abilities to read market movements, sometimes only from charts - and make intelligent bets which ones to buy, hold or sell by when.

Can you read candlestick patterns? That's basic.

Do you know how to spot a breakout and make that $$$? And how do you know if it's not a fake breakout and lose $$$?

What signs should you look for in a bullish trend?

How do you predict the end of a trend?

💸 Money made from trading is correlated to your ability to analyze data accurately.

It's all about raising your win rate by spotting patterns in the data.

↑ data literacy = ↑ win rate

Don't search for a broker if you are new in trading, get some learning.

✌️ Start with learning the fundamental data literacy skills.