Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

You need data scientists? Think again

Article May 9, 2022

"My company is gone digital, let's hire data scientists!" said the business leaders that I talked to.

But data, analytics, and automation are not something you delegate to data scientists.

Otherwise data scientists would be running your business... 🤔

What you really need is your people to become data literate.

Becoming data literate workers means they are capable of operating new technologies leveraging data, analytics, and AI.

Becoming data literate workers means they are able to operate digital business models enabled by data, analytics, and AI.

In fact a study made by PwC states that 69% of employers prefer employees with data science skills than those without!

So before you look outwards, look inwards.

Who has the potential to be upskilled / reskilled in data literacy skills?

If you have the skills inventory to understand this, you will know the skills transformation needed to sustain digital transformation.