Assess your workforce talents to verify their skill levels.

CADS AI Platform May 25, 2022

Keep grooming them in your data-driven organization.

Verify a wide range of skills of employees that matter for data-driven organizations:

  • Data literacy skills
  • Other critical skills
  • Smart skills

Verify technical skill levels

Verify the levels of data literacy and other critical skills of individuals through industry-leading assessments.

Customize skill assessments

Customize skills and evaluations assessment for employees to fit every organization's requirements.

Identify smart skills archetype

Identify each individual’s smart skills archetype to analyze the characteristics, strengths, and developmental needs crucial for occupational success.

Verify skill levels of talents through industry-leading assessments for data literacy skills, smart skills, and other critical skills.

Track learning ROI as skills gaps are bridged before and after upskilling.
Identify strengths and weaknesses of talents through multiple dimensions.

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