Build A Skills Inventory for Workforce Sustainability.

CADS AI Platform May 25, 2022

Enable Human Capital To Groom Your Data Literate Workforce

Drive and sustain transformation from the workforce using a human capital augmentation strategy where:

  • 54% of the high-performing workforce should be up-skilled and re-skilled.
  • 30% of the workforce with repetitive tasks will be displaced with automation.
  • 16% of roles with missing critical skills will be recruited externally.

Identify critical skills required in the new workforce

Manage successful change transition by identifying roles and skills across functions and levels required to evolve into the new digital business model powered by data, analytics, and AI.

Develop skills ontology of the workforce

Create a customized skills ontology unique to your organizational workforce using 3000+ skills from CADS Skills Ontology.

Develop skills inventory of the workforce

Gain visibility of all the skills in the workforce with skills inventory. Understand which skills are abundant or lacking in various business functions and employees.

Redefine workforce sustainability through talent augmented strategy.

Shift towards the new workforce architecture with data literate workforce.

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