CADS partners with Petronas in blockbuster deals to promote Project 2100

News & Events Feb 9, 2022

Kuala Lumpur, 8 February 2022 - PETRONAS Digital Sdn Bhd (PDSB) and the Center of Applied Data Science (CADS) have entered into a collaboration to digitally empower the workforce in Southeast Asia to advance in employability, future-readiness and talent sustainability.

PDSB, the digital arm of PETRONAS, is a progressive partner of CADS’ Project 2100, an initiative to create an ecosystem of highly skilled data graduates and professionals in meeting companies’ needs for data-literate talents in Southeast Asia. The initiative aims to address unemployment issues arising from the impact of COVID-19 by upskilling and reskilling students, graduates and professionals across the region in data-related fields.

The collaboration was recently formalised here with a Memorandum of Understanding. Signing on behalf of PDSB was its Chief Executive Officer, Aadrin Azly while CADS was represented by its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sharala Axryd.  Also present were PETRONAS Senior Vice President of Project Delivery and Technology, Bacho Pilong and PETRONAS General Manager of Enterprise Data, Datin Habsah Nordin, together with CADS Advisory Board Member, Tan Kien Eng.

“Apart from starting various programmes for our people to develop the knowledge, capabilities and confidence to thrive in a digital-first environment, PETRONAS also continues to invest in Malaysian talents to help close any potential ‘skills gap’,” said Aadrin.

“As more organisations progress in their transformation journey, the workforce will need to concurrently transform their skillset. We have established the Data Apprenticeship Programme to bring into PETRONAS a steady supply of data practitioners. We now look forward to further collaborating with CADS to enhance the employability of young talents in Malaysia and across the ASEAN region,” he added.

Over the coming months, CADS will join forces with PETRONAS in the latter’s Digital Outreach Bootcamps for Malaysian university students, and the Data Apprenticeship Programme which develops data-savvy talents. These initiatives and more will leverage Project 2100 via the CADS.AI platform, which creates opportunities to upskill Malaysian and ASEAN talents through data-related programmes, accreditations, and certifications across Southeast Asia.

“We are determined to assist PETRONAS to empower youths across the region in the data space and we hope this collaboration can amplify PETRONAS’ efforts to reach more aspiring talents out there for ASEAN’s betterment at the world stage,” said Sharala.

CADS launched the artificial intelligence learning platform CADS.AI and Project 2100 in September 2021, with a goal of futureproofing ASEAN’s workforce, equipping graduates and professionals with the tech skills needed to become data literate, and propelling regional economies to a new digital frontier.

As part of Project 2100, CADS has set an ambitious target of having an estimated 10 million active data professionals on its platform across ASEAN by 2025. To achieve this, it is partnering with universities, colleges and leaders in the technology, med-tech, and employment sectors in developing fresh talents and upskilling workers.

PETRONAS democratises digital skills, enabling access to knowledge on how to use data, digital tools and technologies towards a sustainable future. The Company undertakes multi-pronged initiatives, including the establishment of PETRONAS Digital Academy, in building a digitally proficient workforce that supports innovation growth for the Company in its shift towards remote, autonomous and digitally-driven operations.




Max is the official mascot for CADS or the Center of Applied Data Science.