CADS to Drive Malaysia Towards USD32 Billion A.I. Market

News & Events Oct 2, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 October 2018 – Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is developing faster than imagined. Lives are being enhanced by A.I. or at least, with technologies and applications using algorithms that monitor and learn from human behaviours and big data.

Recognising the opportunity that the A.I. industry represents, The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), a one-stop platform and center of excellence for data science in Malaysia and ASEAN, has developed the CADS A.I. Talent Framework.

The A.I. Talent Framework, which focuses on designing future-ready A.I. talent, will form a guideline for CADS as well as for the relevant stakeholders in Malaysia to determine the right skills and opportunities needed for local talent to thrive in the A.I. industry, be it for the current market and in the future.

According to Sharala Axryd, Founder of CADS, “Given that the global artificial intelligence market will reach USD32 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44% (based on a report by KBV Research), it is essential for Malaysia to be A.I. ready. A.I. is not just one skill, one job description. This is where our A.I. Talent Framework comes into play. Through this framework, we are able to identify new job roles, job functions and descriptions as well as career progressions of those in the A.I. market.”

In tandem with the A.I. Talent Framework, CADS is developing various opportunities for Malaysian talent to grow in the A.I. industry. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is being finalised with a leading AI venture company in Japan to host selected talent from Malaysia in Tokyo for advanced A.I. industry placement with the possibility of absorption.

Additionally, CADS is working on a MoU with Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) to build the first A.I. Workforce Analytics platform that drives the A.I. initiative for skills development within the Northern Region. The platform will see the development of future-ready A.I. capabilities and solutions that will contextualise human capital analytics for organisations in Penang.

In supporting this initiative, Muhammad Ali Hajah Mydin, Chief Executive Officer of Penang Skills Development Centre, said, “Penang has made great progress into becoming an economic powerhouse both in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. However, organisations need to be digitally ready to keep up the pace of growth. A technology intervention is necessary, and we are pleased to be working with CADS as they have tremendous experience in this arena. Through this initiative, we hope not only to develop and nurture the culture of embracing data-driven solutions but also lead the way in moulding industry ready talent.”

“All in all, CADS intends to keep the momentum going by enhancing our existing and future data science talent pool with the skillsets to take advantage of the high growth A.I. landscape. We are being recognised as having world-class data science capabilities, which is why Japan is looking at Malaysia for data science talent. An expansion to Singapore is also allowing us to expand our footprint in the ASEAN market. Our A.I. Talent Framework will enable CADS to be well positioned to be ahead of the trend, delivering solutions and talent to the needs of industries in relation to A.I.” Sharala concluded.

The A.I. Talent Framework was developed by CADS’s team of data scientists and industry experts. The framework will be continuously updated based on new developments in the A.I. field as well as feedback received from experts through CADS’ partnerships and collaboration. For more information about CADS and A.I., please visit or email at


About The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS)

Established in October 2015, The Center of Applied Data Science was set up to respond to the critical need for real world qualified data scientists and data professionals in the face of digital disruption. Its aim is to nurture a new generation of Data Professionals who can meet and exceed the needs of today’s data disrupted world through an accelerated and rigorous program of best-of-class mentorship that will solve real business challenges within organisations, as well as real-world situations outside. The Center of Applied Data Science partnered with The Data Incubator, New York, US to bring ASEAN’s first Data Science accelerator program to transform the brightest science and engineering talents in South East Asia into qualified, top-notch quality data scientists. Further information about The Center of Applied Data Science is available at

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