Data Literacy Month 2021

News & Events May 25, 2022

CADS Introduces #DataLiteracyMonth in conjunction with InternationalYouthDay as an initiative to accelerate data-driven culture in ASEAN, and to promote data literacy and the rising need for data-literate talent and workforce.

Demand & Growth of Data Professionals

The demand and growth for Data Professionals are exploding post-Covid-19. Since data science is, comparatively, a new field it allows entry to diverse job creation.

The Future of Community Movement with Tech

Community movement with tech is when the practice of synergizing the efforts of individuals, and community organizations to do what they do. Their role is to push for change, in the community movement in the future.


Driving Impact in Business with Data Literacy

Data is a gold mine that can help organizations to drive its growth to the maximum potential. Data literacy is so important to allow your organization to make informed business decisions.

The CEO Talk: Leadership For The New Era

Challenged by the global pandemic, CEO's have made four shifts in leading their digital business. Find out how these unicorns are making their waves in innovation- will we ever return to the past or continue this unique moment.

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#DataLiteracyMonth is part of our Project 2100 mission to futureproof youths and the workforce to become data literate.

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