Data literacy skills certification for everyone.

CADS AI Platform May 25, 2022

Really, quite literally.

Certify your skill in Data, Analytics, and AI with CADS.

The demand for Data Analysts, Data Engineer, DevOps, and Data Scientists are growing exponentially and employers are looking for people with proven and verified skills.

With an experienced team of Data Scientists, we know what skills and experience you need to become an outstanding Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist.

If you want to improve your resume and showcase your skills in data science, analytics, and AI, then getting a CADS Skills Certification is the way to go.

With this certification, you'll be assessed in these important areas so that potential employers can see just how knowledgeable and skilled you are.

With this certification, you'll be one step ahead of the competition and well on your way to landing your dream job.

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Your first attempt on the CADS Skill Certification exam is on us! That’s right. The first attempt is free for all 32 skills on via our platform.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the gateway to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. If you know how to train a model with supervised learning algorithms like linear regression and classification, we say prove it!

*FREE on the first attempt

Machine Learning (Combo)Certification Exam Fee: USD50

Machine Learning (Combo)

Certification Exam Fee: USD50

Unsupervised Machine LearningCertification Exam Fee: USD50

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Certification Exam Fee: USD50

Supervised Machine LearningCertification Exam Fee: USD50

Supervised Machine Learning

Certification Exam Fee: USD50


Python has become a key driver in the explosion of big data analytics and machine intelligence across most industries. Given its versatility and applicability to data analysis, it has become the tool of choice for most industries. This certification will require knowledge of data types, collections, functions, and control structures.

*FREE on the first attempt

Python (Combo)Certification Exam Fee: USD40

Python (Combo)

Certification Exam Fee: USD40

Python for Analytics (Basic)Certification Exam Fee: USD40

Python for Analytics (Basic)

Certification Exam Fee: USD40

Python for Analytics (Advanced)Certification Exam Fee: USD40

R for Analytics

As one of the world’s top data science tools, R provides a robust environment for tabulating, analysing and visualising data. Demonstrate your mastery of the programming language that has become a powerhouse for business intelligence and big data analytics. This certification entails familiarity with different data types and their operation, connecting relational databases through R and results reporting in Markdown and Shiny.

*FREE on the first attempt

R for AnalyticsCertification Exam Fee: USD40

Relational Database Design & SQL

Relational databases store just about everything. They have become essential for modern business. The ability to design efficient relational systems and query them for data is an in-demand skill that can take you anywhere. CAD SQL and Relational database design certifications certify and test your knowledge in SQL; statements, syntax, and join statements; as well as database structure and DDL. If your whole life is normalized, show us.

*FREE on the first attempt

Relational Database Design (Combo)Certification Exam Fee: USD45

Relational Database Design (Combo)

Certification Exam Fee: USD45

Relational Database DesignCertification Exam Fee: USD45

Relational Database Design

Certification Exam Fee: USD45

SQL EssentialCertification Exam Fee: USD45


Statistics are changing the face of the business; allowing greater degrees of accurate decision making with fewer resources and less time. Knowledge of sampling, probability theory, distributions, and graphical representations will be at the core of the data science revolution. CADS joint certification (Descriptive and Inferential statistics) certifies conceptual mastery of statistical analyses. If you have 95% confidence that your mean is within the 95-99th percentile of test-takers, get certified today.

*FREE on the first attempt

Statistics (Combo)Certification Exam Fee: USD45

Statistics (Combo)

Certification Exam Fee: USD45

Descriptive StatisticsCertification Exam Fee: USD45

Descriptive Statistics

Certification Exam Fee: USD45

Inferential StatisticsCertification Exam Fee: USD45

Inferential Statistics

How to get certified?

  1. Signup

Create an account.

2. Complete your profile

Complete your profile. Then, select the skills you currently have.

3. Skill Assessment

Skill Assessment will be assigned based on the skills you selected. Complete the assessment before you can take skill certification. You are allowed to retake the assessment.

4. Skill Certification

CADS Skill Certification exam will be assigned to you based on your skill assessment passing score. Only the first attempt is free. You can retake the exam after 1 month after the first attempt.


1. Is the certification really free?

Yes, however only the first attempt is free. If you retake the certification exam, the normal price will be applicable.

2. How long do I need to complete the exam?

The exam will last from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the skill.

3. What is CADS AI?

CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform is a data professional community platform where you can create your own profile to develop your skills, get certified, connect with peers, participate in a competition and get matching opportunities. Register now for free!

4. Can I retake a certification exam?

Yes, you can. But, you are only eligible to do so 1 month after a previous attempt. On the second attempt, the normal price will be applicable.

5. What happens if there is a technical failure during my examination period?

The CADS is not responsible for technical failures such as lack of internet connectivity etc. If there is a failure within Rubiqe, contact us at or reach out via the chatbox, and our team will review your situation. Best practice for examination day includes taking the exam in a quiet place with a secure internet connection and after a good night’s rest.

6. Can I withdraw or reschedule my certification exam?

The CADS Skill Certification is available on-demand. You can take it anytime at your convenience. If you have paid for the exam, requests for withdrawal will not be eligible for a refund if received less than 48hrs before the scheduled testing time.

7. What do the certification exams cost?

Each skill certification exam tests different essential skills for a data professional and thus each certification is priced differently, though the range is between USD40 and USD50. However, the skill certification exam is free on the first attempt.

8. What format are the certification exams?

CADS certification exams are multiple-choice and each question is selected from a large pool of exam questions created and vetted by our in-house team of data professionals and instructors. Incorrect answers are penalized -.25 points. Please be aware if you are trying to understand your exam score.

9. How long is a CADS Certification valid for?

CADS Certifications are valid for 3 years. The fields of Data Science and Data Analytics are rapidly changing and our requirements for certification.

The CADS Skills Certification for Data Science, Analytics, and AI is the perfect way to boost your resume and showcase your expertise in these important fields. With this certification, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence. This will help you stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of getting the job you want.

The certification process is simple and straightforward. Just take the online assessment and score higher to achieve a higher ranking. This will show potential employers that you are a competent and skilled data professional. So don't wait any longer, get started today and take your career to the next level with the CADS Skills Certification for Data Science, Analytics, and AI.



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