Data Story-Listening

Data Skills May 19, 2022

Online Workshop for Senior Leaders & Board Members.

Shorter Meetings: Better Decisions. Turn a 4-hour board meeting into a 30-minute one.

Data Story-Listening is a quick workshop on effectively listening to a data story and how to expect more from presenters to make informed decisions.

It is suited for busy high-level decision-makers who need to take in information quickly and accurately. The curriculum covers the impact of presentation processes, understanding visuals, and effective questioning.

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Data Story-Listening skills enable you to make a better data-driven decision. Business leaders with strong data literacy skills can spend more time improving business execution and less time in decision-making.

Learning outcome;

  1. Understand the metrics, values, and process of the creation and communication of insight into action
  2. Comprehending standard data science graphics including: Scatterplots, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Area Maps, Stacked Bar charts, and Impact Metrics
  3. Asking pertinent questions that get to the heart of making a decision based on data

Program Fee:

  1. Online Instructor-Led Training: RM 350 per person, minimum 20 pax per class

In-house Training for Organizations(Client venue): USD 1,700 per session (up to 20 pax per session)

In-house Training for Organizations(CADS venue): USD 2,400 per session (up to 20 pax per session)

Suitable for:

This program is exclusively catered for business owners, company directors, and C-suites executives.

  • Learn how to collect and manage your data for accurate business analytics and intelligence
  • Understand how a data literacy workforce can drive business growth

Data Story-Listening equips busy decision-makers with skills to:

  1. Question the data
  2. Argue the data and information presented to you
  3. Evaluate the numbers and statistics to make business decisions.

Let’s unlock the hidden value of your data and learn how to harness it to deliver first-class business results.



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