Descriptive Statistics

Data Skills May 19, 2022

Descriptive Statistics allows business professionals to collect sample data, engage in exploratory data analysis, compare statistical distributions, and to communicate statistical results both correctly and effectively.

Best suited for analysts and business professionals who want to jump-start their abilities in analyzing data.

2 days

Gain insight from raw data with descriptive statistics.

Descriptive Statistics empowers business professionals to use data for effective decision-making and measuring business impact. With the overwhelming volume of data available to organizations and businesses, it is important to correctly transform data to information, then knowledge and finally wisdom.

Uncover hidden insights.

Descriptive statistics gives business analysts the power to see data in new ways to uncover underlying correlations and hidden insights.

Add more dimensions to further understand and explain data effectively after you have completed the course.


Explore, summarize and describe data.

Descriptive Statistics teaches you to collect sample data, engage in exploratory data analysis, compare statistical distributions, and communicate statistical results correctly and effectively.

You will learn to collect, summarize, visualize, and explore raw data to transform it into actionable business insights.


Enhance decision-making with data.

Descriptive Statistics enables you to use data for effective decisions and business impact. The skills of this module are the standard for business data analytics.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Sample data using an appropriate sampling method
  2. Identify basic properties of common statistical distributions
  3. Describe and visualize variables and their relationships in a data sample

Learning Path

Descriptive Statistics is one of the modules under our Associate Enterprise Data Analyst (AEDA) program. AEDA is a seventeen-day program that provides analysts with the tools required for efficient data analysis.

CADS Certification

Descriptive Statistics takes data in samples and evaluates data-driven decisions. This certification shows mastery of sampling, distributions, relational variables, and various graphical representations. Do keep in mind that the test is in R code. If you work from clear data-driven insights instead of assumptions, get certified.



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