ETL - Extract, Transform, Load

Data Skills May 19, 2022

Upgrade your ability to load data from multiple sources into a cloud data warehouse and transform that data for further analytics.

Best way to ensure faster access to large amounts of transformed and integrated data to inform business decision-making.

Best suited for database management executives involved in quality data governance, proper implementation of data warehousing and integration of complex data from multiple data sources.

Find clarity amidst the data chaos in multiple systems.

Extract, transform and load data with Talend Open Studio for real-world data integration and transformation for business intelligence.

Connect, sync, and integrate data seamlessly.

In a real-world scenario, raw data needs to be massaged, transformed, extracted from CRM applications, or sometimes from databases directly. To ease these processes, we utilize the power of ETL tools. ETL tools provide a more straightforward alternative to get the job done swiftly. Hand coding requires substantial maintenance costs and has limitations when it comes to sharing or re-use.


Extract, transform, and load data effectively.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) teaches you the process of how extracting, transforming, and loading data is achieved in data mining pipelines. It further introduces the various technologies and tools utilized for this purpose. The course focuses on providing hands-on knowledge using ETL tools such as Talend. You will learn to load data from various sources into Talend software and create and initiate jobs on the Talend platform.

Faster querying with fewer mistakes.

Hone your competitive edge with ETL as it only requires comparatively little programming knowledge to design and maintain the ETL process.

Most suited for data science, analytics, and business intelligence professionals who need to integrate data from various sources systems and formats into a common data structure suitable for data mining and statistical analysis.

Learn all about ETL on CADS AI

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)  is one of the modules under the CADS Enterprise Data Engineer (EDE) Programme. EDE is a learning program that super-charge data engineers with essential technical skills to master the fundamentals to execute any Data Science and AI systems and applications.

  1. Understand the concepts of ETL.
  2. Understand the usage of Talend Open Studio components for data integration.
  3. Ability to extract, transform and load data using Talend Open Studio.



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