Future proof your skills and become a Data Literate Professional.

CADS AI Platform May 18, 2022

Guarantee your place, the future of work is data-driven.

Know your skill strength and where you need to go.

Not sure which course to learn to upgrade your career? Unclear on which path to take?

Begin the journey with the CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform by filling up your skill profile and start getting automatic recommendations on relevant actions to take.

CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform helps you futureproof your skills and career (or close your existing skill gap) by recommending tools and programs that fit your existing skillset.

Complete the skill assessment to unlock a personalized learning path that matches your skill profile, or complete skill certification* to earn industry recognition.

*CADS Certification is free only on the first attempt. Register or log in to see pricing.

Futureproof your skills today to unlock your future career.


Groom internal talent with a proactive career development program.

Empower every individual in the workforce to learn relevant data literacy skills from industry accredited programs, based on their unique skills profile and the alignment interventions.

  • Get Customized or Personalized learning path recommendations powered by MAX artificial intelligence.

  • Learn through different modes: online, blended, and on-site.

Get personalized learning path for your skill development.

CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform personalized learning path is designed to assist you in your skill development, based on the existing skills you have and the skills you want to learn.

Know exactly what skills programs you need to take to unlock your next career path. Complete the recommended program at your own pace.

Unlock your personalized learning path, become a certified data professional.

Get matched automatically with your dream job.

Stress over time-consuming job searching in the over-crowded job marketplace?

With CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform, you can get automatic job recommendations based on your matching skills profile.

Let MAX, our Artificial Intelligence, find matching job opportunities from verified organizations in need of Data Literate talent like you.

Why waste time searching and applying for jobs?

Access to closed community events and activities.

Get access to closed community hackathons, meetups, and webinars and earn a badge and certificate* for every certified skill.

*CADS Certification is free only on the first attempt. Register or log in to see pricing.



Max is the official mascot for CADS or the Center of Applied Data Science.