Future proofing people & companies with data skills.

CADS AI Platform Jun 8, 2022
CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform enables individuals to become data literate, & organizations to become data-driven.
Data literacy is the ability to work, analyze, and communicate with data.

Without sufficient data literacy skills, the workforce is incapable of executing digital transformation strategies and operating emerging technologies required for tech companies to compete in the digital economy. On the other side, data illiterate talents, especially those who are low-skilled are at risk of being marginalized and displaced by machines.

These dynamics between supply and demand have intensified during COVID-19. And we are merely 21% into the 21st century.


Become a highly-matured data-driven organization.

Align your workforce to become data-driven. Foster greater clarity and alignment among the workforce. Drive higher performance and goal achievement.

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Augment human capital with data, analytics and AI.

Redefine workforce sustainability through talent augmented strategy. Shift towards the new workforce architecture with data literate workforce.

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Nurture youth with data literacy skills to become employable.

Young talent with data literacy skills will become highly sought-after upon graduation, by all industries. Equip our youths with the skills of the future.

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Become a data literate professional.

The future of work is data-driven. Futureproof your skills today and become a data literate professional.

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