Introduction to Programming

Data Skills May 19, 2022

Get computers to develop the programs or systems you want.

Feel comfortable coding and confidence enough to leap from absolute stranger to beginner in just 3-days.

Business professionals who want to automate data processing and business operations by building their own programs and applications.

3 days

From absolute beginner to beginner programmer in just 3 days.

With programming skills, you can work faster and smarter with automation. Save more time by developing programs to eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks.


Start coding to add competitive advantages.

Programming is one of the most demanded skills in today's job market, and yet not many in our workforce would self-identify as competent programmers. Python is the most popular and widely-used language for machine learning and artificial intelligence operations.

Introduction to Programming is a 3-day module that lays the foundation for beginners to convert simple concepts into workable codes.


Begin your journey with Python programming.

Participants are introduced to the inner workings of a computer and how algorithms work. They will then use flowcharts to break problems down into logical steps. Finally, they will combine these concepts with writing simple Python code.

The course emphasizes heavily hands-on applications to feel comfortable coding and confidence enough to leap from absolute stranger to beginner in no time.


Suitable for all beginners.

  • People interested in programming who have no prior programming experience
  • Beginners who would like to learn the necessary skills to start a data analytics project
  • Junior executives who are just getting started in a data-driven organization
  • Analysts and business professionals who want to jump-start their abilities in analyzing data
  • Finance, insurance, investment, banking, and actuary professionals who want to work faster and smarter with automation

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Ability to understand how computers work and how to instruct computers with codes and algorithms.
  2. Learn how to draw flowcharts and write Pseudocodes.
  3. Design and implement solutions by writing Python programs.
  4. Instruct the computer to accomplish tasks and use variables to contain content.
  5. Learn new Python vocabulary, write and run calculations, and conduct overall data analysis/manipulation using Python's base functionality.

Learning Path

Introduction to Programming is one of the modules under our Associate Enterprise Data Analyst (AEDA) program. AEDA is a seventeen-day program that provides analysts with the tools required for efficient data analysis.

CADS Certification

Each exam in this program certifies job-ready knowledge and skill. Those that pass all are recognized as being able to distil insight from data and communicate its value to a decision-maker. Enter the world of Data Professionals.



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