Python for Analytics

Data Skills May 19, 2022

CADS Python for Analytics Fundamentals module will enable students to get started with Python programming by learning and getting hands-on with the basic concepts.

This is essential for becoming a productive data professional.

Best suited for beginner data analysts to get started.

6 days

Master the “Gold Standard” of data science.

Given its versatility and applicability to data analysis, Python has become the tool of choice for most industries. This module will empower students to write a workable program to solve data-related problems using Python’s powerful data processing libraries. This is the hallmark of advanced ability for professionals.


Take the first step to data science.

Python programming is one of the most frequently utilized programming tools used in data processing, data modelling and data analytics.

Python has become a key driver in the explosion of big data analytics and machine intelligence across most industries.


Open-source platform.

The open-source community provides a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries that enable us to automate workflows and analyze data on a large scale and in smarter ways. Students can get started with Python programming by learning and getting hands-on with the basic concepts such as data types, variables, lists, dictionaries, functions if/else conditions, loops, reading/writing data and error handling.

The easiest way to get started.

This subject will equip students with the necessary knowledge to get started with Python programming.

Best suited for analysts and business professionals who want to jumpstart their abilities in analyzing data.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Understand the advantages and possibilities of Python’s data processing libraries
  2. Comprehend the principles, techniques and practices relevant to Python programming using the libraries relevant to data processing
  3. Design and solve more advanced data-related problems by writing a workable program using Python libraries

Learning Path

Python for Analytics is one of the modules under our Associate Enterprise Data Analyst (AEDA) program. AEDA is a seventeen-day program that provides analysts with the tools required for efficient data analysis.

CADS Certification

Put your fluency in Python through its paces and watch it pay off long-term in spades. This certification will require knowledge of data types, collections, function and control structures, the use of python libraries to manipulate and visualize data and the writing of workable end-to-end code.



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