Save Cost With Skills-Focused Career Mobility.

CADS AI Platform May 25, 2022

Mobilize your workforce to relevant internal roles and projects without relying on costly investments.

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Sustaining transformation means placing the right talents in the right role and projects.

We'll match your employees with relevant jobs, projects, and competitions, so they can develop their skills and talents.

With our internal role and project mobilization, your employees will be able to put their talents to work in your organization. This is a great way to retain top talent and keep your workforce engaged.

Find the right opportunities for talents based on skills, experiences and career trajectory.

Mobilize talents internally

Match and mobilize talents with internal roles and projects powered by Max, our AI engine, based on every employee’s goals and career aspirations.

Host competitions

Host competitions to solve business challenges, while identifying potential superstar talents internally and externally.

Recruit talents externally

Hire external talents for unfilled roles and projects through a large pool of data literate candidates from the CADS AI Skills Intelligence Platform.

Advance the career of talents by matching them to the relevant jobs, projects, and competitions.

With skills-based career mobility, individuals within your organization can be matched with relevant jobs, projects, and competitions - all tailored to their unique skill sets. This way, you can mobilize the talents in your organization and help them advance their careers.

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Max is the official mascot for CADS or the Center of Applied Data Science.