SQL Essentials

Data Skills May 19, 2022

SQL Essentials helps you speak in Structured Query Language (SQL) fluently and allows you to participate in database application development teams.

Best suited for business users dealing with a large volume of data from multiple sources.

2 days

Effectively manage big data at ease.

SQL Essentials helps trainees to speak in Structured Query Language (SQL) fluently and gives them the capability to participate in database application development teams. The database job market is promising for prospective experts.

Robust and efficient data management.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most common programming language to perform data operations (Create, Query, Read, Update, and Delete) on the data in the database. SQL is a robust and efficient way to process large data sets at scale with better data integrity. Knowing SQL will help you to easily get the information from data at high efficiency.

Makes data query so easy.

SQL Essentials is a two-day module that covers the basics of SQL and relational databases. By the end of this module, attendees will have learned and used the basic SQL statements, some advanced SQL syntax and join statements. This intensive module opens the doors of advanced database design and implementation to data enthusiasts.

Must-learn skills for smarter analysis.

Participants with a strong foundation can use DBMS to enhance the efficiency of data management in their organizations for reduced costs. Best suited for business professionals who want to seamlessly integrate huge datasets for further analysis using the latest database management technology.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Understand the definition of a database and explain what a database management system (DBMS) do
  2. Familiar with SQL Statements
  3. Ability to JOIN tables

Learning Path

SQL Essentials is one of the modules under our Associate Enterprise Data Analyst (AEDA) program. AEDA is a seventeen-day program that provides analysts with the tools required for efficient data analysis.

CADS Certification

SQL is just that; essential for working with relational databases. This certification covers written SQL statements/queries and Join statements. Put your SQL chops to the test and get your skills certified. Seize the opportunity and get CADS certified today! Fill up the form below to register for this exam.



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