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There's an app for everything: the rise of intelligent apps.

Article Aug 10, 2022

I’m seeing a lot of enterprise software being built or pivoting into {noun} intelligent software.

Replicon - time intelligence
Gong - revenue intelligence
Mural - collaborative intelligence
Esri - location intelligence
CADS - skills intelligence (that’s us 😀)

The list goes on… but what’s going on? The future of work is here!

These are just evidence that companies are utilizing data, analytics and AI as game changers.

When you add a layer of intelligence to software, it does 3 things:

1. It collects and integrates data directly and from third parties.
2. It analyzes the data into insights for the users to inform users of better decision-making.
3. It tells you what to automate or just automates workflow or results for you.

It applies to all verticals you can imagine.

Sales, marketing, fishing, sailing, etc are not going to be the same if you have the intelligence (or intel) to really know what’s going on before you make confident decisions.

Confident decisions are backed by data.

This is the approach for all tech companies.

☝️ And you got to be data literate to operate intelligent apps and work in the new era. ☝️

Welcome to the future - it’s here!




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