What's Data Storytelling?

Data Skills May 19, 2022

Business leaders in the age of AI need to persuade and influence strong insights using big data analytics.

Improve your data presentation with data storytelling by creating stories that highlight value from data-driven insights.

Best suited for:

presenters, analysts, business development executives, finance professionals, and line managers who want to better engage and influence with compelling data storytelling.

The science to gain actionable business insights.

Many organizations have spent a fortune on developing talent capable of competent data analysis but not many have equipped their workforce with the ability to communicate the insight they generate effectively to decision-makers.

Effective Data Storytelling unlocks the true potential of data insights.


Smarter storytelling

Instead of delivering fact-heavy data presentations and swamping your audiences with multiple charts and tables, inspire and impress your audiences with compelling data storytelling.


Impactful narrative

Data Storytelling is suited for any professional who works with data and charts. If you need to tell better stories with your data, then this course is for you. The curriculum challenges participants to communicate effective and impactful data-driven narratives, focusing on principles of effective data storytelling.


Articulate findings

Participants will learn to meaningfully articulate findings through both narrative and visual strategies. This module will enable participants to drive change through effective communication of data insights. Learn how to communicate insights with remarkable stories with CADS.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Make stories that highlight value from data-driven insights
  2. Design intuitive visuals that are easy for the audience to interpret
  3. Present findings through stories

Learning Path

Data Storytelling is one of the modules under the CADS Enterprise Data Practitioner (EDP) Programme. EDP is an eight-day training program that super-charges Business Intelligence analysts with new skills to analyze and communicate insights effectively. Best suited for business users of Microsoft Excel with the need to do basic analyses and visualizations.

CADS Certification

Each exam in this program certifies job-ready knowledge and skill. Those that pass all are recognized as being able to distil insight from data and communicate its value to a decision-maker. Enter the world of Data Professionals.



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