What's Graph Databases

Data Skills May 19, 2022

Master how to create and manipulate graph databases faster and get more powerful analytical operations on data from a network of objects and users.

Best suited for IT associates and business professionals who want to turn network data into analytics-ready data for analysis and applications.

Visualize relationships of interconnected data.

Graph Databases helps data enthusiasts to reveal the hidden treasures stored in nodes and relationships between them.


Diverse, complex data analysis made simple.

Graph database a key tool for uncovering relationships across diverse data.

Graph Databases opens the doors of the world of data persistence to anyone who wants to get their hands dirty with Neo4J, the most prevalent graph-based NoSQL database.

Learners will develop skills in using graph theory to store, map and query relationships.


A brand new way to explore complex multi-faceted data.

Unlike a traditional relational database, graph systems represent data not as elements in tables, but as nodes linked to one another by edges with a set of properties that delineate the relationship between nodes.

Attendees will learn how to work with nodes, the relationships between nodes, and work with extensive graphs of information. You work with Cypher, a query language used to modify, create, delete, and anything else you want to do with Neo4J through the provided code challenges.

Discover insights from connected nodes.

Graph database systems allow analysts and business intelligence analysts to manipulate and explore data without the need to create and run complex queries to join combinations of tables together, as in the relational model.

“By 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021, facilitating rapid decision making across the enterprise.”Source: Gartner "Market Guide: Graph Database Management Solutions", 2021

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  1. Understand the definition of Graph Databases.
  2. Up and Running with Neo4J.
  3. Retrieve real-time insight from graph data, create and delete entities with Cypher.

Learning Path

Graph Databases is one of the modules under the CADS Enterprise Data Engineer (EDE) Programme. EDE is a 13-15 days training program that super-charges Data Engineers with essential technical skills to master the fundamentals to execute any Data Science and AI systems and applications.

CADS Certification

Each exam in this program certifies job-ready knowledge and skill. Those that pass all are recognized as being able to distil insight from data and communicate its value to a decision-maker. Enter the world of Data Professionals.



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